Piscine Innovations 2017

Piscine Innovations showcases the most innovative solutions. Discover the innovations that were presented to Piscine Global Asia 2017 !

Solidpool XL Block by Solidpool - Stand C14

Solidpool complete its range of Solidpool blocks with the brand new Solidpool XL block. Now allows the creation of pools up to 20 centimeters wide, it widens the range of construction and will be a complement to Solidpool standard block, meets all building requirements around the world. Available this year, the new block will be adapted to liner/ reinforced PCV and tiles finishes, as our full range of products. It is presented exclusively in their stand n°C14.

Polyurethane cord strips backing by Reviglass MOSAICS - Stand C29

Glass Mosaic tiles for swimming pool and wet areas covering, made with recycled origin glass, with the highest quality standards of this type of material..

MAGNUS 400 by Saci Pumps - Stand C27

[e] MAGNUS series are the new generation of Commercial pool pumps integrating a new frequency inverter with the Magnus range. The new [e] MAGNUS with works by frequency modulation to get a great comfort and minimize the energy costs. The system allows the programming of several cycles per day with different speed for each cycle. Different speeds depending to the work to be done. In installation with several [e] Magnus the pumps automatically communicate and alternate to work the same amount of hours. Capable to work more than one pump at the same time. Extremely silent.

Other characteristics:

  • Motor overload protection by consumption.
  • Control of lack of water / dry running.
  • Salt chlorinator control
  • Very significant energy saving by modifying pump speed to the installation requirements."

Winner 300 M by Saci Pumps - Stand C27

[e] Winner 300:
New range of pool pumps compound by the new inverter [e] pool drive and the new high efficiency synchronous motors with permanent magnets. The combination of these two innovative technologies, assure us energy savings of over 80% compared to the traditional pumps.
No extra control panel is required as [e] Winner also includes filtration & Lightning timers, SALT chlorinator activator, heat pump connector, anti-freezing system...

  • Incorporates specially developed software for automation of the [e] winner pump with an easy and intuitive programming. No technical knowledge is required from the user to program it.
  • Very significant energy savings that can reach more than 80% of the energy cost.
  • Extremely silent (≈ 40 dB).
  • Total adaptability, speed range from 600 rpm to 3,000 rpm. The pump automatically sets to the point of maximum savings
  • Great versatility, one single model to any size of pool from 15m3 to 450 m3. Not necessary to have different pumps, our [e] winner is able to control filtration, fountains, backwashing and vacuuming in any situation.

New IPM sensor less brushless motor with permanent magnets, which reduces the engine temperature and extends the life of bearings and mechanical parts.

  • High Protection, the parameters set during programming protect your pump, installation, filter and users.
  • Large LCD display where all necessary information is clearly reflected."

Eypools by BSV Electronic - Salt Electrolysis - Stand B28

The online tool to keep in touch with your pool. With eypool you will be able to control the main functions of your pool.

UV/C Water Purifier by VDL Hapro B.V. - Stand B27

VDL HAPRO introduces the PURIQ Bright Series: a powerful UV-C water purifier made in the Netherlands! The lamp uses the latest technology to generate extremely powerful UV-C radiation that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and molds. This results in optimal purification, so the use of chlorine and other chemicals can be reduced by up to 80%! With the PURIQ UV-C water purifier you are guaranteed crystal clear water. Utilizing the latest technology, the lamp emits very powerful UV-C light with a wavelength of exactly 253.7 nm that kills practically all bacteria, viruses, algae and moulds. This results in optimal purification, so the use of chlorine and other chemicals can be reduced by up to 80%! The PURIQ UV-C system, with its 100% eco-friendly operation, provides more natural, healthier water. Moreover, the UV-C lamp lasts an incredible 12,000 hours! The PURIQ Bright Series come in 3 types, 40W, 80W and 120W which are suited for swimming pools up to 120m3 and over when switching parallel. The robust housing is made of 316L stainless steel and due to the large diameter of 90mm the PURIQ Bright Series have a very large recommended water flow. www.puriq.com.

Jet Swim 2000 by Pahlèn AB - Stand B29

An exclusive counter current unit with many different settings. With jet streams of 71 m3/h it is easy for you to build up your strength and physical fitness. Start your Jet Swim by pressing a button on the front. The flow pattern is set by means of the adjustable jets to suit your personal needs. The air flow that is mixed with the jet streams, is adjusted by turning the air knob on the front. It is just as simple to adjust the water flow.
Jet Swim 2000 is also available in 3-phase 230V/50Hz or 460V/60Hz. "

Automatic Nanofibre Filter by Fluidra S.A. - Stand B12

Residential pool filter with high quality filtration capable of removing particles 5-8 microns with self-cleaning features. The automatic nanofibre filter is made of an innovative material that delivers better quality filtration and allows for backwashing, facilitating ease of maintenance.

ELBEblue line by Elbtal Plastics GmbH - Stand C24

ELBEblue line is a reinforced swimming pool membrane and the most flexible, strongest, healthiest and best solution to build or renovate your swimming pool. Reinforced swimming pool membranes are our core business and our passion. As the only worldwide flexible PVC membrane and film manufacturer, we are focused on these markets. Our customers from more than 50 countries appreciate our competence, our quality, our solid, personal relationships and of course our "Made in Germany" products.


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